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Cotton News / Cotton Farming

Cotton Farming

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July 27 2017 Article in English
Israeli startup maps genome of cotton, sweet potato for better crops

NRGene’s software charts the genetic makeup of organisms in bid to find the most resilient seeds
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July 19 2017 Article in English
How will a drone assist in crop management?

“Collecting data is a piece of cake,” Batola said. “We get beautiful pictures in 10 to 15 minutes, but it may take several hours to analyze the data from those images. Big data is a big deal. We want to develop phenotyping tools to aid plant breeders and to develop remote sensing tools to benefit agricultural producers.”
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July 11 2017 Article in English

Agriculture is one of the main pillars of the European Union and contrary to common beliefs it is highly technological. The digital revolution is therefore also disrupting the agriculture sector. It enables farmers to be more precise, efficient and helps them to improve productivity and sustainability while remaining competitive. The benefits of this new approach to farming apply to all farmers, regardless of their size.
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June 12 2017 Article in English
Top 10 Most Intriguing Technologies in Agriculture

We hear time and time again that many of the technologies featured in the pages of our publications don’t fully deliver once deployed in the field. So this is our attempt to say, “Hey, here’s what we are hearing actually works!”
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June 07 2017 Article in English
Cotton’s effect on the environment continues to diminish

Cotton’s environmental footprint is much less noticeable today than was the case in the early 1960s, thanks largely to science and technology. Genetic engineering, innovations in tillage, and changes in farm size and efficiency combined to reduce cotton’s impact on the environment over the past 35 years.
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June 01 2017 Article in English
Cotton’s effect on the environment continues to diminish

The highly successful Boll Weevil Eradication Program, genetic engineering, innovations in tillage, and changes in farm size and efficiency combined to reduce cotton’s impact on the environment over the past 35 years.
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May 25 2017 Article in English
Superlative Alternative: Organic Cotton

Today, cotton is the second most used fibre in apparel manufacture, after synthetics. And I’ve found the subject of organic cotton one of the most frequently discussed when talking about sustainable fashion.
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May 17 2017 Article in English
The 5 Barriers to Agtech Adoption

Zuckerberg says the industry is in a so-called fourth wave of agricultural innovation – digital agriculture – which he loosely defines as farm management software and predictive/prescriptive data gathering. Many products have entered this marketplace, but few have broken through.
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May 10 2017 News in English  Bangladesh’s embrace of GMO technology may embolden innovation in developing countries

May 09 2017 News in English  Bayer to sell Liberty crop protection brands to get Monsanto deal passed

May 08 2017 News in English  Reversing pest resistance to biotech cotton: The secret is in the mix

April 11 2017 News in English  Upland Cotton: Improved Genome Sequence Will Advance Fiber

April 07 2017 News in English  University of Georgia survey says cotton can compete with synthetic fibers


January 25 2017 News in English  Bayer Shares the Risk with Cotton Growers

January 12 2017 News in English  Should we rethink fertility for new, higher-yielding cotton varieties

December 22 2016 News in English  Agricultural Robot Revenue to Reach $74.1 Billion Worldwide by 2024

December 20 2016 News in English  Scientists Crack Genetic Code for Leaf Shape in Cotton

December 19 2016 News in English  U.S. Farmers: GMO Crops Help Reduce Inputs and Enhance Conservation

November 30 2016 News in English  Drones, satellites put ag markets 'on brink of' data revolution

November 10 2016 News in English  The Truth about Water and Cotton: It’s Complicated

November 08 2016 News in English  Ag Leader, John Deere Enter Licensing Agreement

October 26 2016 News in English  Ag tech investment rises to record $25 billion

October 24 2016 News in English  Aust cotton growers rush to use Bollgard 3

October 11 2016 News in English  Can Organic and GM Cotton Find a Way to Coexist?

September 23 2016 News in English  Future of farming: Driverless tractors, ag robots

July 25 2016 News in English  Texas organic cotton farmers to receive Organic Leadership Award

June 13 2016 News in English  Genetically Modified Crops Grown For 20 Years In Australia

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