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Cotton News / Textiles - Garments

Textiles - Garments

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July 27 2017 Article in English

The Tonrose Group has become the first trade company to display a new Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) mark on the linen it sells into the hospitality sector.
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July 25 2017 Article in English
Ethiopia Sets $US30 Billion Textile Export Target for 2030

Ethiopia has nearly 175 textile units, however, the country is in the throes of developing several major textile parks.
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July 17 2017 Article in English
Guilt-free fast fashion

Zara, the largest global fashion brand, wants to save the planet one blouson at a time. Zara aims to use more cotton, an oft-used material, that comes from environmentally and socially sustainable sources.
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July 06 2017 Article in English
Indian Textile Industry Aims to Reach $650 Billion by 2025

Using a “Farm to Foreign” slogan, Mr. Narendra Modi, Honorable Prime Minister of India, has challenged the country’s textile industry to reach a target of US$650 billion by 2025.
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June 20 2017 Article in English
C&A Foundation aims to transform fashion industry

C&A Foundation has announced its intention to transform the fashion industry into a force for good, says its annual report for 2016. The company has benefitted 75,000 cotton farmers, workers, and community members through its cotton, working conditions and forced labour programmes.
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June 20 2017 Article in English
Marks & Spencer Promises 100 New Sustainability Commitments

Marks & Spencer (M&S) has long been a first mover in the retail sector on supply chain sustainability, garment recycling and human rights. A decade after its first “Plan A” sustainability commitments, M&S is setting 100 new targets to be reached by 2025.
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April 24 2017 Article in English
“What does modern slavery look like?”

The Global Slavery Index estimates there are 45.8 million slaves in the world today. Well-meaning but often times poorly informed consumers, NGOs and media lack the understanding of the amount of leverage companies actually have to effect change
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April 18 2017 Article in English
Ethical Fashion Report Finds Zara and Patagonia Are Leading The Way

Baptist World Aid Australia on Wednesday released their fourth Ethical Fashion Report which reveals the 330 fashion brands failing, or progressing, in mitigating the risk of worker exploitation in their global supply chains.
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March 24 2017 News in English  Industry 4.0: Texprocess Presents ‘Digital Textile Micro Factory’ for the First Time

March 20 2017 News in English  Transparency is trending

March 08 2017 News in English  India's cotton yarn exports to rise on strong Chinese demand

January 19 2017 News in English  European textile industry: Now’s the time for wise substitution

December 29 2016 News in English  ALL EYES AHEAD: LOOKING FORWARD TO RETAIL 2017

December 23 2016 News in English  Can H&M Really Make Fast Fashion Sustainable?

December 08 2016 News in English  Your Clothing May Be Killing the Fish

December 05 2016 News in English  Can Fast-Fashion Brands Like Zara Go Sustainable?

December 01 2016 News in English  H&M, Zara Grapple With Sustainability Trend This Holiday Season

November 30 2016 News in English  Retailer Primark says constantly looking for slavery in its supply chain

November 28 2016 News in English  Is your T-shirt clean of slavery? Science may soon be able to tell

November 11 2016 News in English  Competing with yoga pants: Cotton explores athleisurewear market

November 04 2016 News in English  China buys more spun yarn from Vietnam, halves yarn import from India

October 21 2016 News in English  A New Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda for the European Textile and Clothing Sector

October 21 2016 News in English  Eco-Fashion Gets Hip for China’s ‘Light Green’ Consumers

October 18 2016 News in English  Indian cotton exports drop 11.58% in April-June quarter18

October 17 2016 News in English  INDIA: High cotton prices to affect apparel company margins

October 14 2016 News in English  Steps towards Industrie 4.0

October 12 2016 News in English  Cotton economist talks yoga pants: 'We have a demand problem'

October 10 2016 News in English  Are yarn exporters showing sign of Ostrich Syndrome as Pakistan pips India to third?

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