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April 27 2017 Article in English
Whether by Air, Land or Sea: Techtextil Presents Fibres for Mobile Applications

According to the German Association of the Yarns, Woven Fabrics and Technical Textiles Industry, more than 40 fiber-based applications with a total surface area of 35 square meters go into the production of the average car today.
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April 24 2017 Article in English
Adidas partners with Siemens to tailor sporting goods

German sporting goods company Adidas and engineering giant Siemens are teaming up to improve the production of custom-made sportswear such as trainers and speed up the process from design to finished goods.
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April 05 2017 Article in English
Your Next Reebok Shoes Could Be Made of Cotton + Corn

Global fitness brand Reebok announced its "Cotton + Corn" sustainable products initiative, which will bring plant-based footwear to the market later this year.
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November 29 2016 Article in English
Graphene impregnated cotton for wearable devices

A method for depositing graphene based inks onto cotton, developed by by researchers from the University of Cambridge and Jiangnan University, could enable the creation flexible and wearable electronics without the use of expensive and toxic processing steps.
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August 05 2016 Article in English
Nanotex partners Cotton Inc to develop Dry Inside technology

Supplier of nanotechnology based textile enhancements Nanotex has partnered Cotton Inc to develop and launch Nanotex Dry Inside technology for cotton apparels. Nanotex Dry Inside applies a technical application to the back of the fabric, allowing moisture to move away from the body through invisible channels.
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July 05 2016 Article in English
EU Trade Surge in Technical Textiles and Clothing Goods

Exports of man-made fibers outside of the EU have regained their rate of growth these past years and rose by +4.5% in value during 2015.
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March 23 2016 Article in English
Self-cleaning cotton removes dirt and smells when left by a light bulb for just six minutes

Nanostructures attached directly onto textiles could end the hours spent each week washing and drying clothes by degrading stains and dirt when exposed to sunlight.
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September 25 2015 Article in English
U.S. and India Announce Bilateral Collaboration for Technical Textiles

teral collaboration and technical exchanges between the United States and India in technical textiles are planned as part of a recently-announced strategic and commercial cooperation between the countries.
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