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Cotton Worldwide

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June 21 2017 Article in English
ZIMBABWE: $42m input subsidy revives cotton sector

About 350 000 households received frees inputs from the Government, enough to establish a minimum hectarage of two. The scheme, which has a three year horizon started in 2015 and ends next year.
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June 20 2017 Article in English
India raises rice, cotton buying prices as farmers' protests mount

India raised minimum purchase prices for rice, cotton and other crops. Long staple cotton prices have been hiked by 3.8 percent to 4,320 rupees per 100 kg.
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June 20 2017 Article in English
Data harvested with cotton

IT should only be a few years before cotton growers will be able to measure the colour, length, strength, micron quality and trash content of the fibre they produce, as it is being picked.
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June 19 2017 Article in English
USDA: Crop Progress

Released June 19, 2017, by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), Agricultural Statistics Board, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).
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June 15 2017 Article in English

Net upland sales of 69,400 RB for 2016/2017 - For 2017/2018, net sales of 197,600 RB reported - Exports of 233,300 RB
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June 15 2017 Article in English
AM markets: cotton futures dip, amid fears of a 'break down'

With December futures having "broken through the 72 cents-a-pound US level with ease, the market now will look to find interest around 70 cents a pound US and 68 cents a pound area."
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June 15 2017 Article in English
Digital age opens path to cotton chain connectivity

THE digital building blocks are in place throughout the cotton industry for it to move to a more integrated system of connectivity along the supply chain, but a more concerted effort is needed to bring it all together
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June 15 2017 Article in English
Texas Gin Aims To Become Largest In U.S., Potentially World

“We can gin about 1,000 bales a day to 1,100 bales a day,” said Key. “We will be doubling that.”
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June 15 2017 News in English  Tanzania: Cotton Contract Farming Held Back By Old Agricultural Practices

June 14 2017 News in English  'Bearish' cotton price consensus 'offers opportunity'

June 13 2017 News in English  Could Credit Hinder Cotton Acreage Climb?

June 12 2017 News in English  USDA: Crop Progress

June 12 2017 News in English  Cotton prices may face a 'lot of downside risk'

June 12 2017 News in English  INDIA: Dream start for cotton sowing

June 09 2017 News in English  Cotton Highlights from June WASDE Report

June 09 2017 News in English  World cotton futures die a quiet death

June 09 2017 News in English  Australian cotton the 'pick of the crop' as more global consumers demand sustainable fibres

June 09 2017 News in English  Ivory Coast forecasts 2017/18 cotton output steady at 350,000 T

June 06 2017 News in English  Zimbabwe: Cottco under fire over cotton grades

June 05 2017 News in English  ICAC lifts 2017-18 cotton price forecast, despite output upgrade

June 05 2017 News in English  ICAC: High Prices Persist Despite Rising Stocks Outside of China

June 05 2017 News in English  USDA: Crop Progress

June 01 2017 News in English  Cotton futures 'to fall further' than market is expecting

June 01 2017 News in English  PAKISTAN: Cotton output feared to fall short of 2mln bales against this year’s target

May 31 2017 News in English  AUSTRALIA: Cotton harvest: average yields, high returns

May 30 2017 News in English  USDA: Crop Progress

May 30 2017 News in English  INDIA: CAI estimates 2016-17 cotton crop at 340.5 lakh bales

May 26 2017 News in English  The World Is About to be Flooded With Cotton

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