Exports worldwide
Exports worldwide

Exports worldwide

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Turkey, Egypt and East Asia in the top destinations

Thrakika Ekkokkistiria exports nearly the entirety of the company's production

Depending on the conditions of the global cotton market, the destinations differ every year. However, the largest part of the production is exported to East Asia.

The fruitful collaboration of the company with the largest global trading houses is also a great support in increasing exports. These trading houses buy the entirety of the company's production. 

Regular meetings take place with these trading houses at the company's facilities, during which the next steps in the collaboration are decided, as well penetration in new markets.

As a member of International Cotton Association (ICA), Thrakika Ekkokkistiria is committed to the principles of safe trading that the association champions.

In the following table you can see the main countries in which Thrakika Ekkokkistiria exported cotton in the past two years.




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