Experimental field
Experimental field

Experimental field

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Experimental farming applications in a field right next to our ginning mill

An 1,8-hectare cotton field, right next to our ginning mill, has been cultivated with various experimental farming applications since 2019/20. The aim of this project is to lead us to significant results and insights. 

BASF company has supplied seeds and agricultural chemicals, while HELLAGROLIP deals with nutrition. 

Four different BASF cotton seed varieties are grown in the field (BASF supplies FiberMax and Stoneville varieties). 

HELLAGROLIP supplies the best fertilizer in the market and provides full technical support with its scientific staff. 

The experimental field has been integrated in the Gaiasense smart farming system, implemented in Rodopi with Neuropublic.

Finally, a very able farmer with long-standing experience works the plot. 

With the active participation of all parties and the data collected by the company, we are certain that by the end of the season we will have gleaned valuable insights. 



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