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Quality and credibility among our basic principles

Quality and credibility is the base on which Thrakika Ekkokkistiria has built its strategy since 1972 and until today, establishing good reputation in the international market

The quality of ginned cotton depends mainly on the quality of the seed cotton and the method of ginning. 

In order for the company to receive seed cotton of as high quality as possible, it has implemented the program Cotton+ in recent years, along with the farmers it partners with. Only the seed varieties with very good technological characteristics are included in the program. These characteristics include fiber staple, strength, micronaire and others, while they are monitored in the field from sowing to harvesting. The seed cotton of these varieties is received with a low moisture content and ginned and stored separately, thus achieving a seed cotton with much higher quality characteristics, compared to conventional cotton. At the same time, there is full traceability for the production. 

Attention to ginning procedure is one of the company's strong suits and we place particular importance to it, even if this may affect increased productivity. Furthermore, recognizing that the contamination of cotton with foreign materials is one of the biggest problems for the next stages of the textile industry chain, Thrakika Ekkokkistiria has maintained a long tradition of taking measures to avoid it.



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