BASF e3 Program, EWR Collaborate to Enhance Cotton Supply Chain Transparency
BASF e3 Program, EWR Collaborate to Enhance Cotton Supply Chain Transparency

BASF e3 Program, EWR Collaborate to Enhance Cotton Supply Chain Transparency

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BASF and its e3 Sustainable Cotton program is collaborating with EWR, Inc. to make bale information collection easier and more efficient for cotton farmers and ginners committed to providing transparent, traceable, sustainable cotton.

The e3 Sustainable Cotton program allows every stage of the supply chain to be traced back to the exact field where cotton was grown, starting with e3 Sustainable Cotton farmers mapping out their cotton fields using MyFarms, an exclusive online farm management platform. By adding EWR Inc.’s mobile-friendly eCotton CottonHost website, farmers and ginners will be able to completely digitize their field and bale information.

“We’re excited to be able to offer this new digital feature to our e3 Sustainable Cotton farmers and supply chain network through our relationships with EWR, Inc. and MyFarms,” says Jennifer Gasque-Crumpler, e3 Sustainable Cotton program manager for BASF. “Providing sustainable, fully traceable cotton is at the core of what we do, and this creates even more unmatched transparency in our program.”

Using field information from e3 Sustainable Cotton farmers from the MyFarms platform, ginners can use the eCotton CottonHost software to capture and identify Permanent Bale Identification (PBI) numbers as e3 Sustainable Cotton, which are automatically sent to BASF – no longer requiring manual submission.

“Essentially what we’ve done is streamline information collection at two critical points of the cotton supply chain – the farm and the gin,” says Tom McCune, Vice President of EWR, Inc. “Not only does it create efficiencies at the front end, it also allows supply chain partners to more easily trace the e3 Sustainable Cotton they’ve purchased back to the individual field where it was grown.”

More information about the e3 Sustainable Cotton program is available online.

Based on information provided by BASF.

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