BASF, PCCA partner to digitize e3 Cotton traceability
BASF, PCCA partner to digitize e3 Cotton traceability

BASF, PCCA partner to digitize e3 Cotton traceability

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Cotton farmers in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Kansas who are Plains Cotton Cooperative Association members and grow e3 Sustainable Cotton now have access to a fully digitized bale-tracking platform that enables easier and more efficient cotton traceability.

With BASF’s e3 Sustainable Cotton program, every stage of the supply chain can be traced back to the exact field where the cotton was grown. It starts with e3 Sustainable Cotton farmers mapping out their fields using MyFarms, an exclusive online farm management platform.

Using both the MyFarms platform and PCCA’s smart phone apps and web-based programs for gin module inventory, farmers and ginners can completely digitize their field and bale information. For farmers who are new to the e3 Sustainable Cotton program, using the PCCA system also streamlines the MyFarms registration and field boundary definition processes.

For the e3 Sustainable Cotton farmer, field information is captured digitally in the MyFarms platform. Based on the information submitted by farmers, the PCCA gin software captures and identifies permanent bale identification numbers as e3 Sustainable Cotton, which are automatically sent to BASF — no longer requiring manual submission.

“Sustainable, responsible cotton farming is at the heart of what PCCA grower-owners do,” says Keith Lucas, PCCA vice president of sales and marketing. “We have invested in tools and services – and collaborated with programs like e3 Sustainable Cotton — to enable farmers to process and market their cotton through a fully traceable and transparent supply chain.”

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