Premium Greek Cotton
Premium Greek Cotton

Premium Greek Cotton

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Sustainable and Traceable Cotton

What do you know about Greek Cotton?

Greece is well known for the beautiful weather and beaches. But did you know that Greece also has additionally a long history in cultivating and exporting Cotton? As a matter of fact, Greece exports up to 85% of the annual European cotton production. On a global level, Greece holds the 7th position at cotton exportation. So, yes Greece has a lot of cotton. Over the last year, Athos Pallas collaborated with BASF and we are now proudly offering a Greek, Premium Sustainable and Traceable cotton issued by ATHOS PALLAS & BASF.

Traceability of our Greek Cotton

Traceability is very important for us. Especially when taking into account the variety of the external factors that could impact the production chain.
As a result, and in order to assure full transparency and traceability, we created more partnerships. To make sure that the quality of the cotton remains excellent we approached and integrated in the procedure our Greek farmers. They have a huge experience in cultivating and harvesting cotton. Furthermore, another great partnership we created was the one with Thrakikka Ekkokkistiria. They are responsible of ginning the cotton. After this procedure is over a second department of the company is responsible to turn cotton into a thread. After the thread is ready, Yarntex, a knitwear company, receives the thread and creates the yarn. At this step we have the cloth in our hands. It is now ready for the next step which is dyeing the fabric. This step is in the responsibility of our partner Colora. The last step of the production chain is held by two of our partners in the apparel manufacturing industry, Extreme and Eva Jo. They create the final garment and after it passes the quality control, it is ready for shipping. The alliance we created with BASF helped us guarantee that the Premium quality of our Greek Cotton remains the same through all the phases. This production chain is fully controlled and certified. By certifying every step,  we made sure that the excellent quality of our cotton will be the same to the final product, hence to the consumer.

Sustainability of our Greek Cotton

Besides Traceability, Athos Pallas as a company, also invests hardly into Sustainability. It is of crucial importance to us that the soil is treated with respect. Our farmers take care of the soil by using only products that will not harm it. The seeds used are Non-GMO. Furthermore, the water extraction for irrigation purposes is solely done with appropriate licensing of authority. We have also managed to significantly reduce the carbon emissions in every process by keeping all the stages of production within a distance of 250km.




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