Vietnam's export revenue in Jan-Jun $18 bn
Vietnam's export revenue in Jan-Jun $18 bn

Vietnam's export revenue in Jan-Jun $18 bn

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Vietnam’s export revenue during January-June this year totalled nearly $18 billion, up 8.61 per cent over the figure during the same period last year, according to the ministry of industry and trade. Of the total, shipments to the United States were worth over $11.7 billion, followed by those to the European Union ($2.56 billion) and Japan ($1.89 billion).

According to Vietnam Textile & Apparel Association (VITAS) chairman Vu Duc Giang, Vietnam can sell high-quality shirts, suits, sportwear, kids’ apparel and towels to Japan, but exporters should be well prepared before entering the market due to its complicated distribution system and high costs of trade promotion.

Than Duc Viet, general director of Vietnam’s Garment 10 Corporation, said Japan has been a traditional market of the company for years. The firm has cooperated with leading fashion brands and retailers there like Uniqlo and Aeon. Currently, shipments to Japan account for over 12 per cent of the company’s total exports, according to a news agency report.

Viet stressed that improving fashion design capacity and competitive edge are the only ways for Vietnamese exporters to increase added value of garment exports and sustainably increasing export revenue in Japan. (DS)

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