Diesel Joins Better Cotton Initiative
Diesel Joins Better Cotton Initiative

Diesel Joins Better Cotton Initiative

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Following the launch of the brand’s ‘For Responsible Living’ strategy in January, Italian denim brand Diesel has taken a further step in its commitment by joining the Better Cotton Initiative.

Diesel is committed to sourcing at least 50 percent of its cotton as ‘more responsible cotton’ by 2025, including cotton sourced according to BCI standards, recycled cotton, and organic cotton.

Diesel joins brands like 7 For All Mankind, Levi’s and Guess in becoming a BCI member.

As the largest cotton sustainability program in the world, BCI exists to make global cotton production better for farmers, the environment and the industries that use it, such as the jeanswear sector. The not-for-profit organization trains farmers to use water more efficiently, care for the health of the soil, reduce use of the most harmful chemicals and employ fair labor practices.

From 2018-2019, BCI provided training to more than 2 million farmers from 23 countries on five continents. BCI reports that these farmers collectively produced 22 percent of the world’s cotton.

Diesel’s For Responsible Living strategy is based on four key pillars and commitments: Be The Alternative, Stand For The Planet, Celebrate Individuality and Promote Integrity. The strategy is intended to serve as a blueprint that will help the company further integrate sustainability-focused initiatives across all of its business activities.

It has already been a catalyst for sustainable product lines, including and upcycled denim collection and a range of jeans and tees that requires fewer at-home launderings, thus saving water and energy.

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